Kamptal Bike Trail

Description: Beautiful bike path through the vineyards to Krems and along the Kamp river to Rosenburg, then a very difficult route up to Zwettl

Length: 107 km
Road surface: asphalt
Uphill: 1373 hm
Downhill: 1065 hm
Profile: very difficult
Signage: perfect

Comments on the route: On many sites in the internet or in brochures the bike trail is described as follows. From Krems or Altenwörth along the river Kamp until Zwettl. The truth is that you leave Kamptal in Rosenburg and return to Kamptal in Krumau.
Then ride 12 km in Kamptal up to the dam Ottenstein, where you leave Kamptal again. The Kamp does not run along these 12 km as it is dammed. I have the impression that the route from Rosenburg to Zwettl was made so that you would pass as many guest houses as possible.
For cyclists, I would not recommend this route from Roseburg to Zwettl – it just goes up and down.
1200 metres to 60 km